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Reefer City is in the process of urban renewal!

Reefer City® was founded in 1980... Over the years, The City went into decline. But under the recent stimulus program, The City has been rebuilt!

What is Reefer City®? Reefer City® is a board game!

The basic idea in Reefer City® is to travel around The City buying and selling mushrooms, hash, and different types of marijuana – all while outsmarting your fellow citizens of Reefer City® and trying not to get busted.

It’s impossible to know just how awesome Reefer City® really is without seeing it….so we made some videos for you!

Take a couple of minutes, sit back, and relax in the best way that you know how….and check out these videos! The board itself is a work of art – and we know that you’ve never seen anything like this before!

After watching the videos, be sure to stop by the Reefer City® Head Shop. The Head Shop features the Reefer City® Board Game, T-Shirts, Hoodies and more.

Set up your gameboard, and take a spin around Reefer City!

The following videos will introduce you to Reefer City® and how the game is played.

See you in Reefer City®!

Watch this short video (as narrated by Larrry The Leaf) to see the board up close and tour the inner streets of Reefer City®.

Learn more about Reefer City® the game and how it is played, narrated by the one and only Mary Jane.

Reefer City® Market Level

Order Your Reefer City Game Today!

Other things for you to check out while visiting Reefer City®:

  • The Reefer City® Gazette! Sign up at the top of this page!
  • Ringtones! For a limited time, Get the Reefer City® theme song when you sign up for the Reefer City® Gazette.

This is a fun time for all of us here at Reefer City® as we see the old city come back with a new life and a new energy. Please join us for the fun and excitement guaranteed to make Reefer City® the happiest place to be!

Reefer City World News Debut

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