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Reefer City Gazette

  • Arizona Opens "Walmart of Weed"

    13 August 2011
    Arizona Opens

    First in California, now in Arizona...where to next? Super growing stores, nicknamed Weed Walmarts, have now moved to Arizona. The store describes itself as: "the nation's only hydroponics franchise that openly talks about medical marijuana" and it seeks to educate as well as selling you the goods. Read on for the details...

  • Remember The Hamster Dance?

    10 August 2011

  • Free Marijuana If You Sign Up For Voting?

    08 August 2011
    Free Marijuana If You Sign Up For Voting?

    Are you registered to vote?? WOULD you register if free pot was involved?
    A Michigan pot shop was thinking the same thing. Details to follow if you read more...

  • Let's Take A Walk Around Reefer City!

    05 August 2011

    Allow me to present to you...

  • "Pot Clubs" - Legal Or Illegal? Arizona Checks It Out

    03 August 2011

    Pot Clubs are forming in Arizona and in other US states as well. These are not your regular medical marijuana pot shops, but instead, something bigger, grander, and well....safer!
    Keep reading and I'll tell you more!

  • Should Josh Be Able To Beg For Marijuana?

    01 August 2011
    Should Josh Be Able To Beg For Marijuana?

    Joshua Long claims he doesnt smoke, but he holds a sign in NYC, for stretches of 4-5 hours that claim otherwise....Check it out!

  • Learn About The Game Of Reefer City

    10 July 2011

    There is nothing better than kicking back, chilling with your friends, and totally kicking their asses at a boardgame, right? Learn all about the great game of Reefer City in a series of videos, here and on our You Tube Channel. Once you play one game, you won't be able to stop. Welcome to Reefer City, dudes!

  • Was Shakespeare A Stoner?

    08 July 2011

    Wow, they don't make this stuff up! A group of scientists want to dig up the body of Shakespeare to figure out if he used the greenery as a little creative juice to write his plays and poems. Read on to learn if the scientists will be allowed to dig up Sir William...

  • Strong Weed To Be Labeled Hard Drug In Netherlands?

    06 July 2011
    Strong Weed To Be Labeled Hard Drug In Netherlands?

    The Health Minister of the Dutch people has a few choice words about marijuana. He wants to severely limit the ability of non-citizens to access the shops. Read on for more details!

  • Happy 4th of July From Reefer City

    04 July 2011

    Happy 4th of July!

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