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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much THC?

25 November 2010
Is There Such a Thing as Too Much THC?

I have officially decided where I will take my next vacation outside of Reefer City! I have simply got to get to the city of Leeuwarden, in the Netherlands.

Let me tell you, what I heard through the Mayor to Mayor grapevine…you’ll want to go to Leeuwarden with me!

We already know that the Netherlands is known as a hot spot for weed consumption and pro-weed thinking. In fact, it may be the most stoner-friendly city in the world (after Reefer City, of course). Cannabis cafes can have about 500 grams on their premises at any time, and people can have about 5 grams for personal use without penalty.

Anyway, the city’s current Mayor, Fred Crone, is currently arguing in favor of limiting super strong pot and hash in the city! The horror!

The average amount of THC in pot has definitely gone up in recent years, from 10% to about 20% (all right!). Well – get this – independent testing by the Trimbos institute has revealed that some weed in Leeuwarden has 64.8% THC! Amazing!

Mayor Crone explained his thinking, stating that some people smoked so much it caused ‘psychotic episodes,’ but local café owners counter him, explaining there is no proof that too much THC is bad for you. The café owners also explain that people should be more responsible for their choices – if your weed is too strong, smoke less, they say...

Crone admitted he had no idea what percent of THC would actually consider a strain to be “too strong” and would require discussion and testing. Count us in! What do you all think? Is there such a thing as too much THC in your bud?

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