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Reefer Cures THAT!?!

30 November 2010
Reefer Cures THAT!?!

We all already know that marijuana has a lot of really useful properties, but this...well, I have never ever heard of weed being used for this before - have any of you?

A man in France has declared that a "specialist" advised him to give marijuana to his ducks to keep them worm-free.

First of all, can I get that phone number?  Kidding!

But seriously, Michael Rouyer, a duck farmer from coastal France, is facing 30 days of jail time and has to pay a fee of 500 euros ($657.30 in case you were wondering) because he fed marijuana to his flock of 150 ducks!

Police were called to Rouyer's farm because of a theft (not sure who called though) and when they arrived, they found over 11 pounds, and over a dozen happy plants just growing away. 

When police question Rouyer, he admitted to smoking a little bit, but said most of the marijuana was used on the ducks!

And of course, he had to go to court - and his lawyer is arguing that the stuff was really for the ducks.  The lawyer said: "This is for real, not one (duck) has worms and they're all in excellent health."  The lawyer's name is Jean Piot, and although he sounds like the coolest lawyer ever, I bet he only works in France.  Oh, well.

Best of luck to Rouyer and his duck defense - we will keep you updated!

Source: UK Daily Mail

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