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Holy Smokes: Nuns Growing Weed!

11 December 2010
Holy Smokes: Nuns Growing Weed!

Reefer City citizens, take just a minute and think about something for me.  Where is the absolute last place where you would expect someone to get busted for growing weed?

If you said a nun’s convent…well, before I read this story, I would’ve definitely agreed with you, but apparently, times – they are a changin’!

In Uganda, in Africa, two nuns, Sisters Nanteza and Rita were busted this Fall when cops came to their convent after an anonymous tip-off. 

Apparently, in one of the convent’s gardens, the sisters had been busy growing an impressive crop of weed!

Here is the best part: when the women were questioned, they said that the herb was grown for the farm animals who lived at the convent.  Well, if those are not the world’s happiest lifestock, I don’t know who is!  The nuns said the marijuana was used to treat the farm animals, like pigs, if they had injuries. 

The ladies were on to something there – that is how I treat my injuries, too!

Two nuns and two porters who helped with the upkeep are currently being questioned.  We will keep you undated on how this holy smoking case turns out!

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