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Miley Cyrus Smokes...Salvia?!

11 December 2010
Miley Cyrus Smokes...Salvia?!

Hey Reefer Citizens, Maryjane here with some celebrity gossip!! 

Looks like every former teen star has to do something pretty wild to prove that she is "grown up" or something...

Remember when Britney got married and divorced in a day?  Then shaved her hair off?

Well, so far Miley Cyrus has her beat!!  On top of all the other scandalous Today TMZ has video of her taking an impressive rip of a bong at a recent party!  I'd like to say this party was in Reefer City, but it was in California...and apparently, the substance that Miley was smoking was actually salvia...

One of her "friends" recorded the video...and Miley def knew she was being recorded!  She's looking directly in the camera, and her friend even warns that Miley is going to "lose it" when she sees the video later...I BET!!

Um, look at that video and come back to me - has anyone felt the way Miley is acting...and giggling...from a legal substance!?  Just wondering!  I am sure we will hear more of this, so you know I will get back to you with more!  Til later, Mary Jane and Hemp

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