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The Booty in the Booty

12 December 2010
The Booty in the Booty

Earlier this summer, Lindsay Lohan was caught with drugs in the pocket of her pants, and she said the pants weren’t hers.  Um...Ok, perhaps that can happen.

Later this fall, Paris Hilton allegedly got caught with drugs in her purse.  She said it wasn’t her purse.  That, too, is possible.

However, if cops find drugs between your butt cheeks, and you try to claim those drugs are not yours…well, now that is a bit harder to believe!

Early this fall in Manatee County, Florida, Raymond Stanley Roberts was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, and his car was reeking of pot.  Cops pulled him out of the car to search him, and when they patted him down, they found a large lump in the back of his underpants.

To the cop’s collective relief, Roberts offered to retrieve the bag himself, and pulled out over an 8thof the good stuff! 

The cops then asked what else was in (up?) there, and when Roberts moved, another bag with 3.5 grams of rock cocaine was extracted, too!

Roberts said that the weed was his, but the cocaine was not his.  He claims that the car was his friends, and that only when he got pulled over, he realized the cocaine was in the car. 

Wow..when I’ve borrowed my friend’s cars in the past, I usually borrow their gas only, not their cocaine stashes…hope Roberts’ friends forgive him when he gets out of court and jail!

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