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"If It's Not My Identity, It's Not My Weed"

15 December 2010

Usually, it is only after I've enjoyed some of Reefer City's goodies that I mix up the names of some people...hey - the Mayor has a lot of citizens to keep track of, ya know?

So, I would think that a mess up of epic proportions like THIS, at the Federal Level, wouldn't happen.  Perhaps there's something we don't know? :)

in September, 6 men from California got arrested because they were involved with bringing 7,000 (yes, you read that right - 7,000) pounds of marijuana from California to Ohio.

That must have been one stinky car trip, and I mean that in a good way!

Anyway, authorities arrested the 6, and this week, one of the man tried was named Young B. Ko.  The funny this is, previous paperwork, including his arrest record, has his name reversed - Ko B. Young.

Do you think there is a technicality here?  Can he say that it wasn't him - it was the wrong person who was involved?  To be determined!

What do you think?

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