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Miley Gate Creates Nationwide Movement To Ban Fake Marijuana

16 December 2010
Miley Gate Creates Nationwide Movement To Ban Fake Marijuana

Oh, Miley.

Girls just want to have fun, apparently, because just a couple hours ago, Miley's friends (good friends that she has, really) gave statements to TMZ to say that she "doesn't care" and that it is no big deal and she's getting on with her life.

Meanwhile, salvia is losing it's shelf life.

States across the nation, like California of course, but others like even Wisconsin, are all starting to push for the ban on salvia and all kinds of synthetic marijuana, sold under a variety of names, including: k2, Red X Dawn, Haze, Mr. Smiley, and other psuedo-marijuana names.

I am not sure about this synthetic stuff, in Reefer City we don't have it.  But the days might be numbered for your state or even your city too.  As always, we will keep you updated!

-Your "Highness" The Mayor of Reefer City

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