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2011 Opinion: A War On Hard Drugs (NOT Marijuana!)

18 December 2010
2011 Opinion:  A War On Hard Drugs (NOT Marijuana!)

Now this is some news I can get behind!

Check it out, earlier this week in Chicago, a warehouse with eleven tons of marijuana was raided.

Okay, read that again. ELEVEN TONS of pot.  Even to the Mayor of Reefer City, that sounds like a lot of weed!!  That's 21,800 pounds of weed.

They were in the warehouse after being delivered by railroad cars from Mexico, into the United States through Texas, and up into Chicago. It is estimated that there was like $22 million dollars worth of pot.

So, you would think those who take part in the so-called War against Drugs should be celebrating, right? You would think local newspapers and authories would be celebrating, too, right?

Not so much.  In the Chicago Sun Times on Saturday December 18th, an article was published that really just shrugs off this find.

Marijuana is becoming more accepted by individuals throughout the US and the world too, and it even official people, newspapers, and other media outlets are realizing that the war on drugs should be  against the drugs that thoroughly ruin people's lives, like heroin.

The article is even called "Wrong Target in War on Drugs" and you can read it in full on the Sun Times website. 

Mayor Daley himself said "you could do this every day" and even he didn't seem too impressed.  This Sun Times article closd by saying a bust of heroin that big would be newsworthy.


How about that, Reefer Citizens.  Do you think 2011 will be the year for a new view by everyone about marijuana??

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