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"Donate Food, Receive Marijuana" Campaign Ends With 12,000 Pounds Of Food Donated

01 January 2011

A friend with weed is a friend, indeed!

In an effort to help their food drive, Granny Purps Dispensary in Santa Cruz, California offered a free joint to any of their patients who donated 4 canned food items.

Patients were limited to 3 free joints per day, which meant they had to donate 12 cans of food.

And then let's talk about the numbers: in total, the pounds of food collected, the number of joints given out, and the patients themselves were all pretty high! 

Reports are saying about 11,000 pounds of food were collected from November through December, and over 2,000 joints were given in return.  Great job everybody!

Tis the season to donate, and with incentives like this, I bet Granny Purps will have a huge showing of donations again next year too!  Let's hope this program continues!

And lastly, just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year from the Reefer City Mayor, Mary Jane, and her little dog Hemp, too!

There is SO much in store for Reefer City in 2011, so make sure to keep in touch with us on Twitter @ReeferCity and on our Facebook Fan Page too!!

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