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Medical Marijuana Considered "Heavy Industry" Under Arizona Law

01 January 2011
Medical Marijuana Considered

Another step in the right direction!!

In November, Arizona passed a law to permit Medical Marijuana in the state, and now, in 2011, they are taking action.

In other states, medical marijuana has faced challenges and odd legal situations (like the one in Washington I posted about a few weeks ago!)

So, to make sure that doesn't happen in Arizona, the government there is creating strict zoning laws concerning growing, selling, and creating food and products with marijuana in it.

Although Arizona has been sort of iffy with its legal issues in 2010 (read: immigration...we won't go there!!) it looks like 2011 is off to a good start for Arizona.

Here is the deal.  There will be three sections under the new law, which means each can be changed and dealt with individually.

1. Retail sales - dispensaries will be created and throughly monitored.

2. Products - beauty products and food that has marijuana in it will be designated as "heavy industry" and only can be made in places that are zoned for heavy industry already.

3. Growing - same as products, there will be designated agricultural and industrial areas where it will be grown.

Let's hope this method works and other states can follow this model!! 

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