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Marijuana Decriminalization Has SHOCKING New Supporter!

02 January 2011
Marijuana Decriminalization Has SHOCKING New Supporter!


As Your Mayor of Reefer City, most of the time I think I know how men like this think about certain topics...

But sometimes there is a shot that comes right out of LEFT field, and as Mayor, I am pretty shocked here!

Now, to clarify, Robertson doesn't suggest people smoke, doesn't suggest drug laws be dropped or anything super scandalous, don't get me wrong here.

BUT, this is still a good thing, and a substantial conservative figure who is suggesting the government re-visit its marijuana laws.  THAT'S A GREAT THING!

In a recent interview, he said that the current laws are "costing a fortune" and "ruining young people" and he is right!

He suggests drug reform instead of criminalization, saying that jail time often created hardened criminals... and keeping people in jail is really expensive.  In some states with a huge population of men and women in jails, a lot of them are there for tiny drug infractions, for either a small amount or for a drug like marijuana. 

If usually super conservative Pat Robertson suggests that drug laws be re-evaluated, this means others are sure to follow.

2011 may be the year for progressive drug reform after all!!  Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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