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Warning For Us All: Don't Roll Blunts In Fast Food Drive Thru's

03 January 2011
Warning For Us All: Don't Roll Blunts In Fast Food Drive Thru's

In today's What Not To Do news, a woman in Florida was arrested a couple weeks ago because she was rolling a blunt while going through a McDonald's drive thru line.

Okay, let's step back a moment and analyze this situation. 

I understand the concept of multi-tasking, I really do.  But most people smoke first, then get the munchies, THEN head out to get some food.  I wonder what the issue was here.  Did this girl really not have the time to space out the smoking and the munchie run? *shaking my head*

Anyway, the workers at McDonald's called the police, and the girl was charged with possession of marijuana and of smoking devices.

Last question: did she get to keep her burgers and fries?

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