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MTV's Teen Mom 2 Star Arrested - Latest "Celeb" In Trouble For Marijuana

16 January 2011
MTV's Teen Mom 2 Star Arrested - Latest


MTV has it's hand full!  Mary Jane and Hemp here with a bit of celebrity stoner gossip, although calling this chick a celebrity is definitely a stretch of that word!  
But seriously, were the execs over there supposed to pick drama queens on purpose?  If so, quota fulfilled.  A 19 year old girl, who first appeared on MTV's 16 and pregnant, is next to 'star' in Teen Mom 2 on MTV.  And, adding to the drama, class, and her rap sheet, Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend were arrested last week for having weed and a pipe.  They had broken into a vacant building and Evans was found by police, in the building, alone.  Nice boyfriend - he is a keeper....
Question for you all.  Do you think this was all set up on purpose?  Evans is set to appear on court the day before her show starts on MTV...There will no doubt be more publicity now because of the recent arrest.  
Update, just a couple days ago, she announced her breakup with her boyfriend (on facebook, of course).  So, let me ask you...What do you think?  Share your thoughts with me and Hemp at  Peace!

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