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In Humboldt County, California: Marijuana - In, Raw Milk - Out

19 January 2011
In Humboldt County, California: Marijuana - In, Raw Milk - Out

When you think of California... and you're a stoner...and you don't already live there...odds are you think of weed!  I know I do!

But I also think of hippies, health nuts, and Arnold!  Just kidding about the last one.  But as someone who hasn't been to California but once, I have this ideal, healthy image in my mind... and this news totally proves me wrong!

Anyway, in the coming weeks, expect to see more about this.  I read this in a health blog, and saw a few other comments online already.  A raw milk farmer in Cali is up in arms because he sells raw milk all over the state, except in Humboldt County.  He says its not right that milk is called 'dangerous' for consumers when thousands of people drink it daily.

Apparently, raw milk is banned there...while marijuana is legal in spots and laws and super lax in others.

So I haven't tried raw milk, but we certainly enjoy other things in Reefer City, so I don't mind that part of the law either...Is there a lot of harm in it?  Do any of you drink raw milk?  I don't need to ask if any of you smoke, do I? hahaha.  Should raw milk be legal in Humboldt County?

Let me know what you think, and contact me with any questions or comments about the game at

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