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Hijacked Car Full of Marijuana!

20 January 2011
Hijacked Car Full of Marijuana!

I am not usually one for conspiracies, but this is pretty heavy stuff!  A car was driving from Utah to North Carolina, with 2 people and 170 pounds of some sticky icky icky.  

First issue, good weed in Utah?  Really?

Moving on... so, while in Wyoming, the car full of weed got hijacked!  The two drivers were left on the side of the road - the only thing taken was the car!

Second issue, after the car was hijacked, the drivers decided to call the police!

When the police found the car, two men were transferring the goods from the stolen car to an SUV.  The police took off after the SUV and the men in it were throwing out bundles of bud.

The car crashed into a snow bank, and 1 guy got away and 1 was caught and arrested.

Third issue, the cops said the value of the weed was $425,000.  Do the math...I'll wait...that is some CHEAP weed!  Certainly not worth a car hijacking and the subsequent arrest, right?

Your Mayor is thinking this may be a set up.  Why would these men in Wyoming know to hijack one certain car out of them all, especially a car with (I am assuming) an out of state license plate?

And why would anyone steal a car full of schwag?

SO many unanswered questions!

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