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Facebook Leads To Sex Faster

14 February 2011
Facebook Leads To Sex Faster

Happy Valentine's Day from your buds at Reefer City: The Mayor, Mary Jane, and her little dog, Hemp!

Good news if you're a Facebooker and on the prowl this year! 

Surveys show that Facebooking leads to sex faster, especially for men.  About 38% of women admit to checking out a guy's social profiles, then deciding to sleep with him sooner, based on what she saw!

In other words, for the rest of the 62%, clean up those profiles - delete those pictures with your ex-girlfriends, add in pictures of your puppy and your Mom! (Mary Jane read this and said "awww, good idea!" but she of course, is a dog person).

And, even before you go on that first date, 70% of women google their dates...and 60% of men do it too, so this is even MORE reason to monitor what you look like online!

But, people admit to falling in love online too, and keeping up their connections through Facebook and text messages...

So, I leave you with that, and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, or good luck towards a good one next year.

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