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Trapped Chilean Miners Smoked Smuggled Marijuana

16 February 2011
Trapped Chilean Miners Smoked Smuggled Marijuana

New reports are saying that a few (not all) of the trapped Chilean miners smoked some weed while they were trapped, for 69 days, underground.

Who can blame them!! 

In case you've smoked too much since then, let me jog your memory... A few months ago, 33 miners in Chile were trapped under ground for over 2 damn months!!  The rescuers were able to create small tubes to get stuff down to the men (like porn and pot and, uh, food too) but it took a while to get down to the October all 33 men were rescued, and were healthy, too!! Nice!


So, fast forward to now - the men are all healthy, back to work or chilling, and starting to talk to the media.  One man who was interviewed said that weed was among the items sent down into the tubes.

They also said the men asked for blow-up dolls, but no one could come up with 33 of them...the rescuers didn't want the guys to share (good call!) so they didn't send any - they just sent plenty of porn instead!  And pot!

Hope they sent down munchies, too!

What do you think - should the miners get in trouble for the buds??  Or should they be forgiven, since they went through such a bogus ordeal??  Send your thoughts to your Mayor at:

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