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Monopoly Goes Electric - Are You A Fan?

17 February 2011
Monopoly Goes Electric - Are You A Fan?

I am SO not on board with this!!

Sometimes the powers that be should NOT mess with a good thing!!  Check out this pic...Monopoly has gone ELECTRIC!

And it's not just an electric bank, or something like replaces the money AND the dice, "rolling" electric-ly for you.  A roaming, infa-red lazer beam like thing scans the board repeatedly, knowing where your game piece is at EVERY MOMENT (stalker much), rolling dice, and calcuating your movement on the board for you.  It also keeps track of your now there are NO dice and NO money.

Ok, what the f*ck?!  

I know Monopoly takes FOREVER to play (unlike a quick, sexy 45min game of Reefer City) so I guess no money will speed things up...and someone gets too stoned and counts the money wrong EVERY TIME...but no dice, too?

No dice, I say to these changes!!

What do you guys think?? As always, send your thoughts to:

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