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"Snoop" Arrested On Marijuana Charges

13 March 2011

Last week, an actress from the TV Show, "The Wire" was arrested...and her real name is Felicia Pearson, but her character's name is Snoop!!

I know sometimes art imitates life, co-stars get together on movie sets about love all the time, but I think this takes it to a new level!

Also, not sure how this woman even got her job on TV - background research says she killed another girl when she was 14 years old and spent time in jail! Maybe 'cause she was a minor?  Either way, I wouldn't want to meet this chick in a dark alley.

Anyway, she is in trouble for marijuana, and also on heroin charges as well, ouch!!  However, she wasn't the only one arrested in Baltimore, Maryland - 30 others are involved!  I hope between these 30 people, they had some quality stuff, you always hear about busts of shwaaag only!!  

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