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Get Your Hands On Synthetic Pot While You Can!

15 March 2011
Get Your Hands On Synthetic Pot While You Can!

First Miley, now the UNITED STATES NAVY!!!!!!  If more "high" profile people keep getting caught with synthetic weed, there is going to be NO way for us common folks to get our hands on it!

More and more states are outlawing the stuff...seems like a new state passes a law every day, doesn't it?  (Or do my days blend together too much....)

This week though, 3 men were expelled from the Naval Academy because of "possessing or using" the synthetic substance.

It is legal to purchase still (except in some states) but apparently the Naval Academy doesn't allow it.  There have been 11 drug related releases of students from the Academcy this year.... 

If the numbers get higher, why not nip the problem in the "bud" (hehehe I giggled while writing this) and let them have it?  If its legal, its legal, right?

Instead, the gov't plans to crack down MORE on the students, and even monitor computer usage to see if the students go to synthetic pot websites...Wicked harsh, dudes!  

Serious buzzkill, right?  But I guess that's what they are going for.  *Sigh*

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