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Now That's Some Shitty Weed!

18 March 2011
Now That's Some Shitty Weed!

In my long lifetime of playing Reefer City, I have (not inhaled) come across plenty of really shitty weed.  

We have plenty of Homegrown, and Mexican in Reefer's just not pretty stuff... The Lebanese Blond on the other hand?? Now, THAT is some good stuff.  The other day I was.....okay, wait.  Focus here, let me tell you about this story....this is the shittiest weed I have EVER heard of......

In the Mexican border town of Nogales, Arizone (where all of those Border Crossings shows take place, in case you are not addicted to crime shows like me) there was a reported clogged sewer line in town.

That doesn't sound like a big deal, right?  When the guys went into the sewer to unclog it (worst.job.ever.) they found two ropes with two bales of weed attached to it!  In total, there was 39 pounds of weed that totalled $20,000!! 

They followed the rope-sewer-line back into Mexico to a sewage plant there, but nothing else was found.  Womp womp.  Better luck next time, guys.

But seriously, isn't that the shittiest weed you could imagine smoking?? Nasty!!

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