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Can It Be True? Legal Marijuana In Rhode Island?

21 March 2011
Can It Be True? Legal Marijuana In Rhode Island?

Well, we may have to pack up Reefer City and head to Rhode Island now!

The teeeniest State of them all is considering legalizing marijuana - FOR RECREATIONAL USE - to help ease it's current debt situation.

In a move that every state should consider making, reports on the details.  To make money for the state, weed would be legal for those over 21, and it would be illegal to have weed in a car.  

  • Average citizens can grow up to 3 plants at home, but they have to pay $100 to have each up to$300.  I am not sure if this is annually, or as the plants die, or what....
  • People who sell it (say what!!) would have to report that, and pay $50 for every ounce sold (not sure what the limit is).  
  • People who wanted to sell (again, not sure how much) would have to pay a fee of $5,000 per year to be able to sell.  
  • All sales would be reported, and there would be sales tax on each sale....and, as usual, the sales tax goes to the state.  

Rhode Island LITERALLY legalized marijuana for medical reasons like LAST WEEK, so this is a HUGE jump in the possibilities there!

Your Mayor will certainly bring you more info as it is available!

(Thanks for some 411)

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