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Not Just Rhode Island - Government Talks Marijuana Legalization Again?

23 March 2011
Not Just Rhode Island - Government Talks Marijuana Legalization Again?

Seems like this comes up every once in a while, especially when there are budget crises.  First it was Rhode Island, now it has gone to "higher" levels of government!! (heh)

A lot of it is all up in the air (like me) but here are a few details!  First, my favorite part of this whole story is that aparently a percent of the supposed income from legalization would go to Substance Abuse programs!

I am all for quitting when you need/want to, but isn't this a little ironic?  Where is Alanis Morrisette right now?

It is a HUGE step forward though - some politicians, like former US Attorney General John McKay, are saying that "Prohibition" against weed use is pretty much silly, and with so many people smoking (he quoted some crazy number I forget right now) that the government should regulate it and profit from it.

Haven't all of us smokers been saying that for years?  It may drive some people to be sneaky and buy/sell on the black market, but probably not.  I may do the legal thing just because I could... What about you??

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