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Pot Brownies Safe In Colorado

24 March 2011
Pot Brownies Safe In Colorado

Okay, Colorado readers, your marijuana edibles are SAFE... but there is bad news, too.

First, the good news is that instead of passing a proposal to ban pot brownies and all things pot-edible, the idea was just dropped.  Phew!! *wipes sweat off Mayorial forehead*

The bad news is that you are most likely to now get Wrap Rage issues.  Have you heard of that?  Think of Christmas or a birthday, when you receive electronics and other stuff wrapped in childproof plastic packaging.  You know that WILD, ON THE EDGE, WANNA PUNCH SOMEONE feeling you get when you can't get a package open?

There's an official name for that.  Wrap Rage.  Not kidding.  I'll wait while you google it.  I did.

Anyway, the short story is that in order to make sure that kiddos don't think your pot brownies are for them, edible goodies will now be wrapped up tighter than Fort Knox and you'll have to really work to get them open.

Good luck!

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