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Rapper Rick Ross Arrested On Marijuana Charges

28 March 2011
Rapper Rick Ross Arrested On Marijuana Charges

Well, we are shocked over here! *snicker*

Rapper Rick Ross was arrested in Shreveport, Louisana on Friday night.  He was in town to do some shows, and afterwards, he was relaxing in his hotel room (the Hilton, classy joint) and police were called because they detected a "strong odor" of marijuana coming from the room.

Are they sure it was his room?  :)

Apparently it was, because when cops opened the door, they saw a gram of weed on the table. Busted!

Honestly, a rapper caught with weed? Shocker! The sky is blue, the "war on drugs" is dumb, and grass (the good stuff anyway) is green.

When are they going to legalize or at least decriminalize it?  Shouldn't people's tax dollars be going towards something more important than making Rick Ross late for his next concert??

Just the Ramblings from the Mayor of Reefer City... Let me know what YOU think on our ReeferCity Facebook Fan Page!!

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