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Willie To Sing For Freedom In Marijuana Bust Case?

29 March 2011
Willie To Sing For Freedom In Marijuana Bust Case?

Seems like just yesterday that Willie Nelson got pulled over in Texas and was BUSTED (like a bad Reefer City move) and arrested for possession of pot on his tour bus.

It was actually November of 2010 that this happened!  Time flies when you play too much Reefer City!!

Anyway, a recent update to the case has been leaked!  The Judge in this case is apparently such a HUGE Willie Nelson fan, he has agreed to let Willie come in the courtroom and sing his "Blue Eyes Smiling" song...That would count as his community service!

How cool is that?  Sounds great, but will Willie take the deal?  If he doesn't, he could face a trial and 180 days in Jail if guilty!!  

What do you think?  Will Willie sing in court once, or be singing behind bars for 180 days?

As always, WE WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED!!!!! Check back at the Reefer City Gazette for pot news you need NOW!

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