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Court Was JOKING With Willie? This Whole Case Is A Joke!

30 March 2011
Court Was JOKING With Willie? This Whole Case Is A Joke!

Just yesterday, or the day before, I posted a story about how a judge in Texas, a big fan of Willie, wanted him to come back to Texas and sing a song in court...otherwise, the story read, he would have to go to jail - for like 6 months!

Now, Yahoo reveals that the "order" to have Willie sing was a JOKE!!

Well, well, well.  This doesn't surprise me AT ALL! What about you?  The whole CASE is a joke! Busting Willie Nelson, like we didn't know he'd have reefer on his bus...THAT was a joke, too!  Making taxpayers pay for this whole dang chirade?? JOKE JOKE JOKE.

Who, may I ask, is laughing?

If you ask me, the whole dang war on drugs is a joke, and THIS judge is just another punchline. Haha, indeed.

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