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Marijuana Growing Trailer Stolen

07 April 2011
Marijuana Growing Trailer Stolen

It's in Reefer City!!

Just kidding, although I wouldn't be shocked, lol.

In Colorado, the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup was taking place, and vendors were exhibiting cool stuff and selling cool pot merch.  (Speaking of which, have you ordered a copy of Reefer City yet? Send us a pic of you playing in with your buds and we'll post it here on the Gazette!) 

A man named Greg Childre builds "grow" trailers - usually for produce like blueberries and stuff like that.  However, to join in the stoner fun, he had to bring his finest marijuana grow trailer.  The "Grow Bot" was worth $50,000...

Yup, was.  It was STOLEN straight out of the parking lot of the Cannabis Cub, in plain view of all the guards and cameras in the parking lot.  The cameras missed the license plate of the truck - people just hooked it up and took off.

Lucky people! They have, according to the designer, everything someone would need to grow in a controlled environment - the thing is computer operated! What do you think - would you have taken the chance to take this trailer home??

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