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Shocking Arrest! Guess Who Was Busted With Marijuana?

11 April 2011
Shocking Arrest! Guess Who Was Busted With Marijuana?

If you guess a rapper, you're wrong!

If you guess a celebrity, you're still wrong!

I'm biting my words for saying we keep having repeat stories about celeb busts (it's still true) but THIS is a different bust story - this time it was a POLICE man!

Let me pause while you finish laughing then snickering, 'cause I know I did both...hehe.

55 year old Curtis Cook of Smyrna, GA was arrested over the weekend because he was in a car that had an expired plate.  When the cops pulled the car over, they realized it smelled like the goodgood and searched the car.  They didnt say exactly how much was found, but more than an ounce, apparently!

Best part- the cop had his weed in his crotch...shouldnt he had known where the cops would look?  Have fun in jail, buddy!!

(The pic is obviously from the best stoner flick EVER, Super Troopers.  If you think theres a stoner movie BETTER than Super Troopers, email me!! 

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