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History Of Reefer City: Game For Intelligent Heads

13 April 2011
History Of Reefer City: Game For Intelligent Heads

You already know that Reefer City is "The Game For Intelligent Heads," but do you know where it came from?

Reefer City was the brain child of a student at the University of Vermont in 1980.  If you're familiar with Vermont, have ever smoked the green, and were alive and chillin' in 1980, you won't be surprised!!

The creator lived in his dorm when he made it, and he and a couple friends designed the board and played and played and played until the game was PERFECT!!  

Finally, as he ordered the first batch of peices of the games, he felt like he was living IN Reefer City!!  Once the smoke cleared, the dorm was STUFFED - game pieces, boards, money, and boxes for packaging!  Good thing the game ROCKS and they sold all the copies copies - they did have to find their desks and do homework sometimes, after all.  

You've seen the board, right?

You're looking at the 2011 version, by the way.  The original was awesome, too, but a lot different - the border was in black and white, and the Market Level Cards and Connection Cards (not pictured) weren't in color, either.

Now we can't decide if we should market it as a game or as a work of art!! It's both!  We hope you enjoy Reefer City as much as we do!  We've played it for 31 years now, and have loved every minute.  In fact, one of the best parts of bringing the game BACK again now is all the stories we receive from past Reefer City Citizens, who still have their original game!!!!!!!! If you have a story, send it in, we'd LOVE to hear it!

Whether you're new to the game, or a returning friend, Welcome to Reefer City!!

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