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Would You Grow Marijuana In An Abandoned Building?

16 April 2011
Would You Grow Marijuana In An Abandoned Building?

If I was growing $750,000 worth of weed, you better damn well better believe I would be growing it in a VERY secured location, wouldn't you?

Nope, if you're 4 guys in Detroit, who are now faces charges of growing, possessing, all that bad stuff.

First, they stole the electricity, and at $100 per DAY, I assume it wouldn't take too long before someone noticed a extra $3,000 per month on their bill...

But really, the building was abandoned!  Wouldn't you be scared that someone would come and tear the thing down?  There was apparently dozens of plants, from inches to about 6 FEET tall - with labels and names and growing lights and timers, the whole 9 yards.  

In addition to the plants, 3 dogs were confiscated as well.. Hemp (Mary Jane's dog and the official Reefer City mascot) hopes they are being well taken care of now...I imagine their owners would be back for a while!

Would you have grown your goods in an abandoned building??

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