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Marijuana Bust - Close To Home For Mary Jane...

18 April 2011
Marijuana Bust - Close To Home For Mary Jane...

Part of growing up is using social media, like facebook, to look at those idiots you went to highschool with, and to sigh in satisfaction because sometimes life doesn't change, and some of those idiots stay idiots, right?

RIGHT, according to our own Mary Jane. The woman behind the voice grew up in Connecticut, and knew one of the fellows starring in this bust story. She isn't going to say which person she knew, but honestly, the laugh is still as sweet!

Two men from Clinton, Connecticut were busted for having 6 pounds of pot delivered in the mail... When are people going to stop doing this? It makes us giggle every time.  Support local, guys!!

Cops and a K-9 unit intercepted the package and followed it when delivered, where they arrested both Ryan Chiarito and Ryan Higgins.  They found other stuff, weed broken down into baggies, scales, and all that stuff.  Their weed was valued at $30,000 - there is some good stuff in Connecticut, you better believe it!

Hope there is a happy ending to this story for these guys, heh.

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