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Detroit, Michigan To Legalize Marijuana And Prostitution?

19 April 2011
Detroit, Michigan To Legalize Marijuana And Prostitution?

Wow! If this happens, consider me a citizen of the mitten shaped state!

Outspoken (and totally awesome) attorney Geoffery Fieger has gone on the radio to state he believes both marijuana AND prostitution should be legalized, in an effort to save money.

We know that Detroit has long been on an economic decline, with a loss of jobs and suffering from the economic issues harder than some other cities, so Fieger said that not wasting cop's time or money on marijuana or prostitution would, in his words, make Deoriot a more "fun" city where young people would want to live.

You know, he is brilliant! This is the exact type of thing we can get behind in Reefer City. Take that however you want :)

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