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Medical Marijuana In Montana - Private Use Only

08 May 2011
Medical Marijuana In Montana - Private Use Only

Just this week, government officials in Montana altered the medical marijuana bill passed earlier this year with a change that no other state has attempted to date!

Montana already had really strict laws, with only being allowed to grow 25 plants per user, and there had already been some raids and serious crackdowns on the dispensaries trying to establish themselves there.

Now, however, one of the bill's authors added a clause that takes away profits from growers, and makes all plants have to be grown FREE and on compassionate grounds.

This law was JUST passed, so we will keep you updated.  This could mean the end to organized growing in Montana, as I doubt many companies will be able to exist working for FREE and without being able to collect their profits.  

What could happen if this law was passed in other states?  Seems like it is taking AWAY from the economy, when the dispensaries could be allowed to exist and pay taxes TO the economy instead.

Let us know what you think!  Comment on our Facebook Fan Page and pass this along to your buds!!

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