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Marijuana Charges Dropped For Florida Man

10 June 2011
Marijuana Charges Dropped For Florida Man

Mr. Jeff Kennedy, 53, from Florida, is now free to continue growing his medicial use plants and also free to continue treating his back pain without addictive drugs and pills!! 

Instead of going to jail for a long time, as Florida law suggested he should do, the charges for Kennedy were dropped! They found that he 

a) didn't have a grow house or a giant establishment,

b) was not selling it to anyone else, and

c) he admitted that the side effects from his medication were bothering him, so he didn't take them, or felt horrible when he did take them.

Kennedy said marijuana is the only thing that stops his back pain (and tingling in his legs, all because of a bad job on back surgery years ago).

Good job, Florida, for allowing Mr. Kennedy to feel better!

Florida lawyers say this case doesn't set a precident for the future exactly, but that more cases like this will no doubt come up.

We will follow this closely and keep you updated!

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