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Grandma Feeds Marijuana To Bunnies

01 July 2011
Grandma Feeds Marijuana To Bunnies

This is pretty cute, although I wish I was her neighbor!  In Germany, a cop was heading to work when he saw 3 foot high pot plants growing alongside the road.  

He stopped and asked the owner of the yard, and - this is too good to make up - the owner, a little old lady, 80+ years old, said that she didn't know what the plants were and that she hadn't planted them.  

When the officer told her what they were, she said that she had been giving them to her rabbits, and she said "They really like it" in regards to the rabbits eating the weed.

Well!  I BET they really liked it!  I'd really like it, too.  Any old ladies out there need a new neighbor? :)

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