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Strong Weed To Be Labeled Hard Drug In Netherlands?

06 July 2011
Strong Weed To Be Labeled Hard Drug In Netherlands?

If you thought the Netherlands was the land of no restrictions, think again!  Over the past couple years, drug laws have gotten harsher, and some "coffee shops" are even restricted to just citizens, limited tourist consumption of weed.

Now, in an effort to "protect" the Dutch citz, they are considering re-classifying really potent weed, with THC above 15%, as a hardcore drug.  This means that people could get in trouble for having it and for selling it as well.  

The reasoning behind this is that,apparently, the weed can be as addictive as coke or heroin...this is according to the Health Minister of the country.  Do you think this is true?

Would you still go to the Netherlands if you couldn't smoke?  The Tourism board thinks this is a valid concern - what do you think?

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