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Was Shakespeare A Stoner?

08 July 2011

These are just developing details, but I think this is pretty darn cool, so I will keep you updated!

Apparently, 10 years ago, scientists found pipes with traces of cannabis buried in the gardens of Shakespeare's home.  There is also a mention of "noted" weed in some of his poems...and so far, no one knew what he meant!

Now, the same scientists want to exhume the body and test it for weed consumption.  They are promising not to remove the body, but to do some super cool 3-D scan thing to figure it out.  They also want a sample of DNA to confirm it really is him, as well.

As of now, at the beginning of July, those who keep an eye over his grave have given a flat out HECK NO to the request to drug test the body, buried in the 1600s by the way, but we will see if science triumps!

Do you think Shakespeare was a toker?? Have you read any of his works? Let us know what you think!

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