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Should Josh Be Able To Beg For Marijuana?

01 August 2011
Should Josh Be Able To Beg For Marijuana?

Joshua Long claims he doesnt smoke, but he holds a sign in NYC, for stretches of 4-5 hours that claim otherwise....Check it out!

He also says he gets around $200 bucks per "shift" from sympathetic stoners.  He said he was saving the money for a career in real estate, but I think he is going to change that and go to law school!

HE has apparently filed a lawsuit against the city of New York for violating his 1st, 4th, and 14th amendment rights.  Those are:

  • 1st: Freedom of Speech
  • 4th: Warrant needed for a search, no unlawful searches
  • 14th: Due process or equal protection under the law... or discrimination by race...not sure what part of this one applies to a pro-stoner pan handler!

Okay, what do you think??  Does he have a case?  He says he has been arrested a bunch of times, so I guess that impedes his ability to get a job...but if he gets $400 every 4 hour shift, perhaps he doesn't need a job!

I'll follow up and tell you what happens next!

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