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"Pot Clubs" - Legal Or Illegal? Arizona Checks It Out

03 August 2011

These new "pot clubs" are being described as the "Starbucks or McDonalds" of pot experiences, not just a regular old marijuana store...(Side note: LOVE that I am talking more and more about medical marijuana stores being a "regular" fixture in some of our states!)

Anyway, the pot clubs encourage people to come in (after a proper fingerprint scan grants you access) and to enter a safe, clean atmosphere where patients can smoke and chat, and relax, too, without fear of a bust or criticism.

One store, already in Arizona, allowed the local police to come in, which they did.  The Attorney General and other leaders of the state were invited to come, too, but so far they have declined the invites.  Wonder why?

They are investigating whether or not these are be continued, as with most post issues!

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